Maria Thereza Alves


1609 \\ 0711

Memorial of historical and architectural stratifications and sound seasons, Palazzo Caracciolo d’Avellino becomes the setting for musical performances by musicians from different countries, who have been invited by the artist to play in the frescoed rooms on the first floor. The exhibition consists of a series of videos where musicians, migrants and inhabitants of the city are filmed while playing instruments from different cultural traditions. Sounds, gestures and bodies interact with the music that has been performed for centuries in the rooms of the palace and that is still imprinted on its tuff walls as distant echoes.

Maria Thereza Alves makes the first floor of the foundation into a crossroads of cultures, an ideal place where memories of them who listen and watch can be shared. Visitors can find themselves, both as individuals and as a community, by learning and being in conflict with the historical-artistic past and with the unrecorded stories. Thanks to their different cultures, musicians can activate a flow of memories, journeys and passages evidences that can generate a hybridisation of the past, showing how history is a form of storytelling that can be constantly reinterpreted and transformed.

The project includes a series of educational activities, workshops and guided tours, which will take place in the foundation’s space and in its surroundings. These activities not only allow us to explore the artist’s project and to create visions of new narrations, but also to develop and produce new models for the use of the museum space.

Constantin Lautaru (Costel) Ablie Saidy
Ibrahim Drabo
Lyubov Voronchak (Lyuba)
J. K. Ruwani Lakshika Perera

Cristian Manzutto

Installation assistant
Elisa Strinna

From Monday to Friday – 10AM to 6PM
Saturday and Sunday – 10AM to 5PM

According to the current regulations against Covid-19, admission is allowed only to visitors owning a valid Digital Covid Certificate complete with QR Code to be provided at the entrance.