Returning in 2023 for its second edition, EDI Global Forum is a project by Fondazione Morra Greco that seeks to create connections between institutions and experts from educational departments at museums and contemporary art institutions from around the globe.

EDI 2023 will take place in Naples from the 24th to the 27th of October and will again include a dynamic program of conferences, participatory workshops, collaborative working groups and events spread throughout the city.

EDI Global Forum 2023 will focus on 3 themes:

  • WELLBEING AND JUSTICE – As the new ICOM definition underlines, museums exist to serve society by making art, culture and cultural heritage accessible to the public. However, museums have, for far too long, welcomed only a very privileged audience. Thankfully, artists and activists are leading the way in addressing different forms of exclusion, such as racism, ableism and classism in the arts. At EDI Global Forum, we will explore new ways for our institutions to become more just and enjoyable for everyone.
  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Digital technologies provide vast opportunities to make cultural institutions more relevant and more widely accessible. Developments are happening so fast that it can be hard to keep track of them. What technologies are worth investing in for your institution? What quick wins and best practices can you already adopt? How does your (potential) audience want to engage with arts and culture online? Where might digital innovation be headed within the cultural and artistic spheres?
  • RESPONDING TO THE CLIMATE CRISIS – Cultural production often places a heavy burden on the environment. We desperately need to make sustainability central to the decision-making process when it comes to energy use, travel, buildings and so on, and will be sharing best practices for doing so. As arts educators, we should also reflect on how we can increase awareness surrounding the connection between culture and nature. We will explore new and forgotten/marginalised ways to think about caring for people and the planet within our cultural practices, thereby, challenging the ‘extractivist’ logic that is leading us towards a climate crisis.


EDI Global Forum is an international research center that connects institutions and experts from all around the world to establish discussions by sharing and co-designing innovations in arts and cultural education. The international spirit of the event is exemplified by an ad hoc scientific committee that includes representatives from educational departments at several international institutions: the Reina Sofía Museum in Spain, the Raw Material Company of Senegal, the Victoria & Albert Museum in England, the Stedelijk Museum in the Netherlands, and MOMA of the United States.

At the same time, however, the event maintains strong ties to the local community, which is the focus of Fondazione Morra Greco’s activities. In fact, during the event, several local speakers will be invited to lead several sessions and a shortlist of activities will take place around the city of Naples.


The project is co-financed by the Campania Region from POC Campania FESR 2014/2020, Piano Strategico Cultura e Beni Culturali funds.


More information on how to participate and the complete EDI Global Forum 2023 program will be available in September.


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Fondazione Morra Greco is available to share additional information and materials to ensure the best possibile outreach of EDI Global Forum.


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EDI Global Forum is a project by Fondazione Morra Greco implemented with the support of Regione Campania. The project is funded under the 2014/2020 POC managed by the Directorate General for Culture and Tourism.