EDI Global Forum

The EDI Global Forum for Education and Integration project aims to develop an Art Museum Educational Research Center as part of Fondazione Morra Greco where, in addition to all relevant topics of art museum education, a special emphasis is given on digital and online education. The center is run by an interdisciplonary working group collaborating to develop research-action activities, protocols, scripts, tools, applications and demonstrators towards innovative and inclusive educational methodologies involving the various players from the cultural community. The programs involve and consult with artists, museum operators, the academic world, schools and formal educational institutions, businesses, and the civil society, hence creating a network of the main entities operating in this area on the national, European and international levels.

EDI is as an international hub of art educational research, where, as is the case in a “think tank laboratory”, research is performed, experiences are shared, and knowledge is built and compared through structred debates and discussions physically and remotely.

With its Digital Platform, EDI allows for various online experiences such as access to events, digital retrieval of experiences and an organizational biennial meeting, which is to evolve, following the first two editions, to an annual Global Forum.

EDI intends to:

1. Develop a research nucleus and an educational experimentation point at the Morra Greco Foundation, with an approach based on open innovation and participatory planning, in collaboration with a representative network of international museums, universities and the research system.

2. Create the first digital platform for action research, comparison and up-to-date information on the educational programs of museums around the world.

3. Create a constant link between operators in the art education world, ensured through thematic online workshops, with an explorative and interactive approach, that will take place throughout the year on a regular basis, and through structured thematic conversations/dialogues adopting an ad hoc, alternative and interesting format, that take place online; remote live visits are planned to the educational departments of international museum institutions, in order to experience their environments, installations, and to participate in one of the proposed educational modules.

4. Organize a major biennial international event on the innovation of museum education and on ongoing research and experimentation in the field of art education, and more generally STEAM.

5.    Promote training activities with museum institutions for an innovative and effective art education culture and with the aim of training a new form of professional figures.

6.    Develop activities based on respect for differences, to help prevent and combat all forms of intolerance and discrimination, in the general interest of the community, starting with that of the region in which the Morra Greco Foundation is based, to later open up to “global community”.

7.   Contribute to developing ethical guidelines on digital museum education, distance learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and on the use of data in teaching and learning for operators and educators.



For the first edition of the Global Forum scheduled for Spring 2022, the challenges will address the theme of Art, Environment, Sustainability and Integration, through various forms that will be defined together with the scientific committee of the Forum.

EDI intends to generate a reflection on, and an experimentation of, a new dimension of digital museum education. One which overcomes the instructional approach in favor of the constructivist one, through which learners are are at the center of their learning experience. The museum offers materials, suggested methodologies and the space for the learner to explore concepts, constructs and techniques, belonging to a multi-disciplinary body of knowledg; all with a great degree of autonomy.