Fondazione Morra Greco offers a very suggestive space for its Educational Factory, dedicated to the development of workshops, learning activities and pilot actions for all audiences.

Key words of all the experiences developed in our Factory are: action-research, experiential learning, participated planning, socialisation, sensorial dimension and relationship with the environment.

The beating heart of Fondazione Morra Greco’s educational program is EDI Global Forum, an international hub of innovation in art education where, like in a “think tank” there is the opportunity to conduct research, share experiences, exchange ideas and acquire knowledge.

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The activities of Fondazione Morra Greco’s Education department are aimed at all audiences, from schools and universities to individuals and families of all nationalities and belonging to all age groups, with a strong focus on accessibility and inclusion.
Activities will be both online and offline.

The dialogue between art, everyday life and laboratory practice in the educational experience will be the basis of the educational activities planned by the Foundation.

Participation is always free.


Discover Fondazione Morra Greco’s educational activities for 2023/2024 (Italian only)


For more information and to book the activities, please write an email to: