EDI Global Forum for Education and Integration – 1st Online Symposium

141221 \\ 161221

14, 15, 16 December 2021
10 am – 6pm (CET)

In its first online symposium, the EDI Global Forum presents three days of webinars and workshops that bring together a diverse group of international perspectives to address how we increase accessibility, diversity and inclusion, and sustainable development in art and education. The symposium will launch the first stage of the EDI platform which links art education departments and initiatives across the world to develop new tools for art mediation while promoting the social role of the museum as an instrument of well-being and cultural participation. By facilitating increased dialogue between policy makers, art educators, curators, artists, and a wide array of publics, promoting active collaboration, co-creation, and respect for difference, this program endeavors to contribute to more humane and sustainable futures through transformative and meaningful encounters with art and artistic thinking.