EDI Global Forum

The EDI Global Forum for Education and Integration project aims to develop an international platform where all major research experiences on the theme of education can be networked, connected and shared.

EDI is thus an international research center on education in the arts and culture field where, as in a think tank laboratory, professionals from international institutions can research, share experiences, discuss and develop new knowledge.

In particular, the projects consists of:

  • an online digital space/agora – the www.ediglobalforum.org platform – that is active throughout the year and aims to collect and allow free access to best practices of educational experiences in the field of art.
  • an annual meeting event – the Global Forum – during which professionals have the opportunity to participate in a series of structured in-person and online activities, including workshops, laboratories and debates.


EDI Global Forum’s main venue is Fondazione Morra Greco, which is developing an Art Museum Educational Research Center for the development of action-research activities, protocols, scripts, tools, applications and demonstrators, with a special emphasis on the digital dimension.


The EDI Global Forum project involves representatives of the entire cultural community working in museum didactic innovation, starting with museums and cultural institutions and continuing with artists, museum operators, academia, the world of education, business and civil society. This creates a network among the main organizations working in this field on a local, national and international level. The main objective is to create discussions, exchanges and collaborations on how to deepen and improve the theme of the social impact of art education.



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The goals of EDI Global Forum

EDI intends to:

  1. Develop a research centre on education and experimentation at Fondazione Morra Greco, with a strongly multidisciplinary and social approach based on open innovation and participatory planning, in collaboration with a network of international museums, the university and the research system.
  2. To create the first digital platform for action-research, comparison and regular updates on the educational programs of museums around the world.
  3. To create a constant link between education practitioners in the field of art though a year-round program of online workshops and events with an explorative and interactive approach and also organizing remote visits to international cultural institutions in order to enter their educational departments, explore their spaces and exchange ideas and best practices.
  4. To organize a major international event to discuss innovation in museum education and to support ongoing research and experimentation in the field of art education.
  5. To promote training activities within museum institutions to foster an innovative and effective culture of education in the art world and to support the careers of new professionals.
  6. To develop activities based on respect for differences, to help prevent and oppose all forms of intolerance and discrimination in the interest of the community, starting with the one in which the Fondazione Morra Greco is based.
  7. To contribute to the development of ethical guidelines on digital museum education, distance learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of data in teaching and learning for practitioners and educators.


EDI Global Forum is a project by Fondazione Morra Greco implemented with the support of Regione Campania.