My name is Rosa Parks

The Cards game

Royal Palace of Naples
All ages

25.09.2021 \\

Who was Rosa Parks? The Educational Department of the Fondazione Morra Greco proposes a quiz game to retrace the life of one of the key figures in the struggle for the civil rights of African Americans, as part of Ryan Mendoza’s Almost Home – The Rosa Parks House Project. Set inside the Cortile d’Onore of Palazzo Reale, where Rosa Parks’ house is currently located, the game consists of a card/quiz with questions about the activist’s life, the highlights of her civil struggles, concepts such as discrimination and inclusion, Ryan Mendoza’s art project and the recent demonstrations of anti-racial movements. The aim is to remember one of the great gestures that humanity has made in the advancement of civil rights, through a playful-relational practice, suitable for different audiences.

It will also be possible to take part in a guided tour.