Saturated Postures

10 TO 12.30AM

Reception 10 AM

Workshop 10:30 to 12.30 AM
Palazzo Caracciolo d’Avellino

17.10.2021 \\

Workshop with Valeria Apicella and Cyril Béghin

in relation to the exhibition “Saturated Stones” by Maria Thereza Alves.

The Sonance Saturated Stone exhibition project by Maria Thereza Alves has inspired the creation of a collective experiential path, conceived by the body artist Valeria Apicella, together with the artist and critic Cyril Béghin, which reflects on the relationship between watching, listening and acting the body.  Investigating the unusual spatiality of the projections with the diversity and invention of being in presence, the body artist invites the public to assume listening postures and to open up to the contemplation of the Sonance Saturated Stone exhibition, collecting gestures, shadows, suspensions, memories that merge with the works and from which dance sketches arise.