DIGITALISMS is the digitalisation programme by Fondazione Morra Greco.

Fondazione Morra Greco uses digital technology to reproduce three-dimensional virtual models in very high definition.

Through the 3D scan the Foundation obtains a digital reproduction of the spaces of Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino, its headquarters and the works from the collection, Collezione Morra Greco. Starting from the acquired data, the Foundation has developed two projects that put technology at the service of creativity and diffusion of contemporary culture

The School App

The first project consists in the development of an application for mobile and tablet, addressed to a school age audience that uses digital data to create a sort of virtual game through which users can develop their own ideal show. By browsing the app, users access information, details and curiosities about Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino and Collezione Morra Greco. They also have the possibility to position the works by dragging them throughout the halls of Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino and by doing so they discover or imagine new connections, relations or assonances and become able to create a real exhibition path. Eventually users have the chance to experience a virtual tour in their own ideal show. Virtual cultural consumption, being both playful and didactic, stimulates and supports the material cultural consumption.

Fondazione Morra Greco will make the app available in schools of various addresses and levels as a tool to support its educational programme, specifically aimed at the younger generations in Regione Campania.

The Curatorial Programme

The second level of use of the three-dimensional digital models consists on the other hand in creating a sophisticated software that allows to work on a very wide range of different elements and data.
Through archiving the 3D models of the artworks in the collection, Fondazione Morra Greco gathers and makes available all the information that, in reality, is relevant for the purpose of organising an exhibition: weight, materials, installations methods, limits. The same applies to the spaces of Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino, that present a whole number of logistic constraints and art-historical restrictions.
The software is intended for those students who are enrolled in curatorial and art management courses. Students will be given the opportunity to work on a virtual exhibition, not only from a strictly curatorial point of view, but covering also the managerial and organizational aspects.
The students will be confronted with works by internationally acclaimed artists and absolutely unique spaces on the world scene, through a digital experience as close as possible to reality, a sort of virtual training for young curators and art managers. The intent of the Foundation is to divulgate the software to national and international specialised institutes and universities, establishing long-time relations that could be translated into concrete experiences for the students involved.

Henrik Olesen 'Ein Kleid ist keine Hose Der Vater ist nicht die Mutter Meine Herren, Sie sind verhaftet', 2004/2005 - Courtesy Collezione Morra Greco, Napoli