The museum as habitat for new futures


As part of EDI Global Forum, the Education Department of Fondazione Morra Greco opens its spaces to university students, giving them the opportunity to build a habitat for experimentation and to consider themselves an active part of the Foundation’s cultural programming and actions.

Embracing the conception that within a museum space everything happens in front of the publics and with the publics, who are no longer spectators but protagonists, and that one can no longer impose historical, critical and theoretical hypotheses letting the public be a simple receiver of information, the Education Department builds a horizontal dialogue with students, encouraging them to co-produce knowledge, critical consciousness, cultural mediation, and above all, to experiment with new ways of living and inhabiting differently, to test collective experiences that can be realized in the present and future and to design together the museum of tomorrow.

Depending on their needs and the schedule of Fondazione’s cultural programming, the students will be able to work in the spaces of the Morra Greco Foundation to develop alternative visit projects to the exhibitions and history of Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino, to create open discussion boards on topics selected from time to time together with the staff of the Education Department and the EDI Global Forum project team, also opening up to the teaching staff of their universities, to build a direct bridge with the university realities that would like to be part of the community.


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The workshop aims to invite participants to immerse themselves within the stories told by the artworks of the exhibition Tanz auf dem Vulkan. Tales from the Morra Greco Collection II – currently on display at Fondazione Morra Greco – through the loss of connection with the real and the connection with the surreal.

Participants have been involved in dynamic activities spread over several floors of the Foundation. Most of them have been with eyes closed and in direct physical contact with each other.

Limited accessibility for people with mobility disabilities.

Coordinated by Mariaurora Terlizzi and Francesco Tardio.

The workshop was held on Thursday 30 November.



By immersing participants in the mythical stories of Naples, this workshop challenges people to overcome stereotypes and prejudices. Neapolitan superstition and culture are reinterpreted to develop the empathy necessary to experience the other’s point of view.

Coordinated by Maria Fusco, Pietro Longo, Alessia Menna, Alessia Pellecchia, Assunta Stocchetti
Art Education Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

The workshop was held on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December 2023.