Passaggi tra Mondi

23.02.2023 \\ 13.03.2023

In collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Dedalus


The project Passaggi tra Mondi has been developed by Fondazione Morra Greco’s Educational Departments starting from the exhibition Jimmie Durham: And now, so far in the future that no one will recognize any of my jokes,.

Considering that the show, rather than a classic exhibition, is presented as an experience of intimate and personal acquaintance with the artist’s everyday world – consisting of books, everyday objects, small animal sculptures, works of art, musical pieces, etc. – it was decided to develop a workshop program dedicated to the many forms of connection that objects displayed in museums create with visitors.

In particular, the project involved a group of women, all mothers from the Cooperativa Sociale Dedalus, who were invited to establish relationships with the artist’s objects, making connections with their personal stories and objects.


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