Pratiche Sensibili al museo

Cultural welfare and wellbeing

27.06.2024 \\

On Thursday, June 27, 2024 Fondazione Morra Greco presented Pratiche Sensibili al museo, a training course for cultural workers curated by Marco Peri.

The workshop, held at the foundation’s headquarters, focused on the intersection of art and wellness within the museum experience. Participants – students, museum workers and other professionals in the field – had the opportunity to actively experiment with practices and educational tools aimed at developing a more immersive and engaging art experience.


What about “pratiche sensibili”?

The term “pratiche sensibili” (sensible pratices) refers to an educational approach that actively engages audiences in cultural institutions by encouraging empathetic and personal interaction with works of art, which become a means to explore emotions, stimulate creativity, and connect with others-in other words, to foster individual and collective well-being.

>> More information can be found on the dedicated platform curated by Marco Peri