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Technology and Culture
Fondazione Morra Greco and Fondazione Olitec



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Training course for immersive reality practitioners and programmers in the cultural sphere


Among the new digital frontiers, the Metaverse represents a great opportunity for the world of culture, where, at this moment, technical and technological skills meet the possibility of creating horizons of meaning, development and use for the cultural industries.
A path yet to be written that concerns the professional figures of the future and what will be the way to enjoy, create and interact with art.

This is why Fondazione Morra Greco has partnered with Olimaint and Fondazione Olitec, prestigious entities born from the Olivetti universe, to activate in Naples and Campania a skills training course for immersive reality.

Delivered by Olimaint’s Centro Studi Magellano, the course is dedicated to young women and aims to enable them to acquire skills at different levels to become system users and then programmers.

The course is aimed at young women because the goal is to actively contribute to the reduction of the gender gap in STEAM skills, envisioning a new highly qualified figure for a changing sector such as the arts and culture.

Fondazione Morra Greco and Fondazione Olitec firmly believe that the intersection of technology, science and art is capable of restoring an innovative approach to the world of culture by challenging traditional barriers between disciplines, encouraging new generations to see the world as a harmonious whole of knowledge and human expression.

The course

Present Future aims to be the first immersive learning ecosystem in Campania. The course was created to provide a group of young women interested in the Metaverse world and determined to embark on a career path in this field with direct access to study subjects and the opportunity to create direct contact with expert researchers, creating a unique learning ecosystem.

Within the evocative setting of Palazzo Caracciolo in Avellino, the headquarters of Fondazione Morra Greco in the heart of the historic center of Naples, the students will follow a training path guided by tutor-trainers from the Fondazione Olitec that will see the alternation of theoretical and practical moments, in order to ensure the acquisition of the skills necessary for entry into the world of work.

The learning process, which will take place in a hybrid online and in-person mode, will include the full use of advanced applications, enabling students to acquire skills in the creation of plugins and protocols that can be distributed globally to the developer community. Using Olimaint technologies, researchers will be available to support female students at any time, even remotely. Despite the flexibility of online classes, daily attendance at local facilities is mandatory for participants, who will occupy dedicated stations for the entire training day.

Most of the classes will be held at Fondazione Morra Greco in Naples Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m.
During the course, female students will also have the opportunity to participate in outdoor learning outings, spending time at partner facilities.
One of these outings will take place in June 2024, any other opportunities will be promptly communicated to participants.

The classes will be divided into 3 modules. At the end of each, students will conduct in-person examinations before selected panels of experienced researchers. These will assess the participants’ learning and skill development, deciding on the transition to the next level or suggesting further study by providing an opportunity to prepare for any gaps.

The last module will also see a section devoted to the cultural sector, covering different design perspectives such as user, curatorial, tourism, marketing and gaming. This section will be developed from Fondazione Morra Greco’s 20-year experience in contemporary art in collaboration with research partners.

Those who successfully pass all three modules will have the opportunity to participate in interviews with project partner companies for the activation of internships aimed at job placement.